Foot Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Mobile Nursing Foot Care

Foot Care Services Include:

  • Complete Assessment of Feet
  • Toenail Trimming & Filing
  • Reduction of Calluses & Corns
  • Treatment of Ingrown
  • Toe Nails & Fungus
  • Foot Care Education
  • Moisturizing Foot Rub

$40 per visit

  • For Canadian Veterans, nursing foot care is covered by the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • Certain health care insurance providers may cover a portion of foot care.

“85% of all leg amputations are a result of non-healing foot ulcers - more than half of which may have been prevented with more effective nail and foot care…”(CAWC)
- CAWC (Canadian Association of Wound Care)

Regular foot care provided by a certified foot nurse will help keep your feet healthy.

Jean Handley RPN
(705) 875-4902